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Grafted In - Team Jesus Blog Member Note:

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to the brand new Grafted In - Team Jesus Blog!! We're so excited to get this started, I have transferred all of the members from our main page to this one so that you can also get the notifications an email when we post on here!

This is going to be a much more general news, information, teachings, Bible scriptures, and anything the Lord leads us to put up! I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I wasn't sure how, and now we figured it out so even though we know we're "here" - no matter how much longer we have before we go with Jesus, at least we can share as much as we can share with you guys! And this will be a good news backup in case anything happens with our channel. So keep an eye on the news articles we post - WW3 is here and things are heating up in a HUGE way!!

And please! If anyone is led - please share this far and wide!! :)

If anybody has any technical issues or questions, please pop over an email at,

Please take a look around, and we will begin to build on this as the days go by! Have a terrific day everybody!

In Jesus,



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